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Resting Tremors

A resting tremor is an involuntary shaking that can affect parts of or the entire body. Joe Biden has displayed both tremors of the hand and full body tremors. Tremors affect 80% of people with Parkinson’s. Tremors are the most common symptom of Parkinson’s. Tremors fit the TRAP acronym recognized by the medical community and covered in the video forensic evidence above.

Gait and Rigidity

Parkinsonian gait (postural instability) is a difficulty in walking that occurs as Parkinson’s disease progresses. Slow and small steps are a sign of this. Rigidity is the stiffness and inflexibility of the limbs and is a primary motor symptom of Parkinson’s. Particularly, rigidity is usually found in the arms and legs. It is essentially a tightness of the limbs and can cause a decreased range of motion. This tightness can cause a person with Parkinson’s feet to seem as if they are “stuck to the floor.” Postural instability/gait and rigidity are parts of the TRAP parameter recognized by the medical community and covered in the video forensic evidence above.


Small and cramped handwriting (micrographia) is a sign of akinesia/bradykinesia. Akinesia/bradykinesia is a slowness of movement and is a frequent symptom of Parkinson’s. Akinesia/bradykinesia represent the third letter of the TRAP parameter recognized by the medical community. The video and images above show Biden’s handwriting getting smaller over the years.

Cognitive Changes

In more advanced cases of Parkinson’s or in older people with the disease, problems with thinking, word finding, and judgement are common. In some cases the cognitive changes can lead to dementia. Biden has shown these symptoms and his verbal gaffes, memory loss, and slurred speech encapsulate this.


Biden’s difficulties with rigidity and Parkinsonian gait make it clear why he always has handlers around. The handlers seen in this video are the same familiar, smaller, female archetypes. This is by design. Biden needs these handlers not only to protect him from any of his psychological and behavioral symptoms of Parkinson’s, but also to physically help him move around.

Psychological Changes

Mood disorders are a type of psychological change that accompanies some cases of Parkinson’s. Some of these psychological symptoms include: paranoia, inappropriate behavior, agitation, anxiety, irritability, and even hallucinations. The video above displays Biden’s psychological symptoms in action.

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